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The purpose of this blog is to change the conversation we are having about aging. You don’t have to be 55 or older to join in. Ageism, the negative and detrimental view of the natural process of living through later stages in life, impacts all of us.

Learn how to design an extraordinary energized aging blueprint and to help others change their perception of aging.

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Walk along with me in the Silver Strand blog as we bust the myths about aging in the 21st Century. When you join Dee’s Sliver Tribe you provide feedback and input about our blog topics and receive materials I create first.

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If you are willing to invest some time each month (two to four hours), I am also looking for your insights and feedback into my work. This team, who I am calling Dee’s Silver Tribe, will receive sneak previews of chapters in my book and the check lists, tracking sheets, and other supporting materials I create. In return I ask for your honest opinions about them including what needs changed so they work better.

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28 May

Create Your Personalized Road Map to Optimal Health

Disclaimer: If you have serous medical challenges, work closely with your physician. Prevention – Not Detection I spent last week attending to one of my focus areas in my Energized Aging Blueprint – Fitness and Wellness. I am absolutely consistent with movement and activity. I rotate a daily 3 – …

17 May

New Views of Aging

New Views of Aging Exploration of the stages of life after age 50 has not been an area of research in medicine, psychology, sociology or much of anywhere. Up until this time all people over 50 have pretty much been lumped into one stage: decline to death. The good news …

08 May

Disrupting Aging – A Reading Recommendation

  Book Recommendation As you create your blueprint think about the writers and thought leaders who inspire you. I turn to their wisdom for insights and motivation. I post several resources on this Web site. Be sure to take a look at my favorites.  Today, I share one of the …

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