This Web site is about aging. No! Not the depressing conversations about aging. It is about joining in a different conversation AND actively promoting a different narrative about aging in the United States today.  

The outdated thinking about aging has to go. I designed a framework for positive aging. It provides you with a pathway for creating YOUR extraordinary life.

 My blog is where you can join me to design YOUR plan and to follow me as I live mine. For instance, I share my personal pet peeves, like finding the term ‘retirement’ outdated and annoying. Do you?

As I entered the foreign land of leaving my primary working years, I realized I needed a roadmap to provide some guidance. I couldn’t find any so I created a framework for exploring the transition from primary working years to ‘what’s next’ I call the Silver Gap Plan.

So what will you find in this space? Conversations about this transition time in our lives and how to intentionally explore the opportunities for creating new pathways in our lives. We have, for possibly the first time in our lives, an opportunity to choose the life we want – to design our own extraordinary life. If you are curious about this or need some help organizing what that might look like, stay with me. I give you the tools to successfully do this.

You will ‘walk with me’ as I use my personal Silver Gap Plan every day. I will be sharing

  • the process I created
  • the current thought leaders in the pro-aging movement
  • a sample of journal entries (both the highs and lows!)
  • lessons I am learning, things I find remarkable, and in sights I gain 
  • what works, what doesn’t, and detours on this journey (There is no way this will be a straight line!) 

So, I invite you to walk along with me, to share your thoughts and comments, and to start your own Silver Gap plan. In addition, let’s seriously join in the conversation about how to change the outmoded models of aging that are still pervasive today. Go to my blog, The Silver Strand, to join in.

What ‘s next? You might –

  • Go to The Silver Strand to read this week’s blog and to post your own thoughts on the topic we are exploring.
  • Visit the Silver Resources area to find inspiring books I recommend, Facebook sites, TED Talks, videos, and more.
  • Join me on my author page on Facebook and a private Facebook group