Celebrating Goals


When you reach a goal be sure to take the time to celebrate. I just did in a big way. I spent a week in Dublin, Ireland last week. Ireland was on my bucket list. My writing goal was to complete 70% of my book on energized aging BEFORE the workshop. I did it and attended the Hay House Dublin 2019 Writer’s Workshop.


Dublin Castle

Easy Access

Dublin is really easy to navigate and is walkable, one of my criteria for enjoying a new adventure. Dublin is filled with history. I visited Trinity College and the truly mind boggling Book of Kells as well as the Beatty Library. It is impossible to imagine the dedication of the monks who illustrated each page in such painstaking detail. And Charles Beatty collected thousands of original manuscripts from all corners of the world.


The new EPIC Center provides insights into how difficult it was to journey from Ireland to new lands. My great-great grandparents left Ireland in 1807 with three of their children. A fourth child, a daughter, was born during the voyage. What grit it took to embark on a 3-month journey and birth a child!

Traditional Music and Dance

The Musical Pub Crawl sounds like a reason to get rowdy and enjoy a few pints of Guinness, but that is not the reality. Instead, two very talented musicians share the story behind their musical instruments, the uilleann pipes and Bodhran drums, and play ‘trad’ songs. A young college student who had just placed 14th in the World Dance Competition dazzled us with her precise footwork. And, yes, Guinness was available.

Our ‘trad’ Musicians


Writer’s Workshop 2019

The culminating event for me was the Hay House Writer’s Workshop. Two days were packed as 170 eager writers immersed themselves in how to write better. The workshop was facilitated by Reid Tracy, Michelle Pilley, Dr. Robert Holden, and Niall Breslin. The energy was high and the information invaluable.

Following Your Dreams

There are a few points of this blog

  • Set your goals and follow your dreams
  • Be sure to build in rewards and time for learning and fun
  • Know that your dreams take time, dedication, and perseverance, like these artists

Making Connections

How do you reward yourself? What motivates you when the going gets challenging?


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