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Book Recommendation

As you create your blueprint think about the writers and thought leaders who inspire you. I turn to their wisdom for insights and motivation. I post several resources on this Web site. Be sure to take a look at my favorites.

 Today, I share one of the seminal books on aging.

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Jenkins, Jo Ann., Disrupting Aging (2018). New York: Hachette Book Group. Disrupting Aging is the call to action to change the conversation about aging. From Arianna Huffington, “Jo Ann Jenkins doesn’t just challenge the stereotypes of aging, she reduces them to rubble, showing that our later years can be just as productive, meaningful, and purposeful as our primary working years.”

Getting Informed

Jo Ann Jenkins, the CEO of AARP provides data to support a needed change in mindsets about aging. Some facts she shares:

  • The fastest growing age group today is people over 80.
  • The second fastest? People over 100.
  • There are about 111 million people in the United States in the 60+ age category.

She goes on to make this profound statement: “Although the way people are aging is changing, many of our attitudes and stereotypes about it are not. We need to challenge those old ideas and spark new solutions so more people can choose how they want to live as they age”. (Disrupt Aging, p.x)

Become an Aging Activist

Beliefs and misconceptions about aging are not in sync with what people are experiencing. How we think and talk about aging is a growing movement. Join in the conversation, start a conversation, or lead a conversation. My blog on Energized Aging was inspired by Jo Ann Jenkins call to action. What is your contribution to correct misconceptions about aging?

This Week’s Challenge

Take one action to join in the conversation: Let’s Change the Perception of Aging.

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